Fun, family-friendly shows for all ages

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January 17, 2022
Sydney Festival
Plus free outdoor art activities!

You've been to the local park more times than you can count and binged right to the depths of Netflix. If you're in need of fresh ideas and looking for new ways to entertain the little ones, here are some unique school holiday experiences. From picnics with dinosaurs to outrageous acrobatics, tons of free art and activities, here are some highlights for families across the final weeks of Sydney Festival.

Airship Orchestra

6-30 January
Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour
Free installation

Meet a luminous otherworldly chorus of 16 inflatable sculptures rising up to six metres high, pulsating with supernatural song and glowing light. A mesmeric adventure for all ages, this interactive public installation sparks joy in a mystical realm. Wander, and be soothed. These charismatic astral creatures will stand guard over the summer night. 

The Construct

22-23 January
Parramatta Church Street
Free performance

A poignant and playful mix-up of circus and contemporary dance, created in response to COVID-19 lockdowns. Flying, tumbling and contorting across a cube of welded steel, aXis’s elite ensemble reflects who we are in the new normal. 

Erth's Prehistoric Picnic

15-30 January
Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Made to spark feelings of wonder, Erth’s Prehistoric Picnic sends Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden back to the wilderness of a distant era. A delight for the whole family, all you have to do is pack a picnic, practise your dino-voice and prepare to get very close to your favourite dinosaurs.