Moon Drops at Darling Harbour
Pop and Jasmax | New Zealand
Australian Exclusive
9–28 January Darling Harbour Free
Free Event
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  • 9–28 January 
Free Event
Moon Drops at Darling Harbour
Pop and Jasmax | New Zealand
Australian Exclusive
Experience weightlessness inside the earth’s gravitational pull and float through the air, with giant bouncy droplets Moon Drops at Darling Harbour.

International designers Jasmax collaborated with Alt Group and Auckland Council Public Arts team to create these super-sized water-filled droplets.

Head down to Darling Harbour to try out your skills on our seven bouncy pads, that you can play, step, jump and roll on – like a rubber-encased drop of water or a mysteriously shifting spec of mercury, but scaled up by 1000%.

The installation is a moon-inspired mini-adventure for all the family to try out, defying gravity on Earth. Slip off your shoes and enjoy some (free) silliness on the brightly coloured Moon Drops at Darling Harbour this Festival season. Who said space travel had to be serious?
Important Info
  • Moon Drops at Darling Harbour features an accessible table-top option, for anyone who would prefer to have a sensory experience with this installation without the climbing and jumping.
  • Smile for the cameras – this event is being filmed and photographed. Let our staff know if you don’t want to be photographed.
  • Space travellers must leave their worldly goods at the gate before boarding a Moon Drop.


What are Moon Drops?
Moon Drops are large water filled bags that give you a feeling of weightlessness. They are not very bouncy but quite solid, like walking on a firm waterbed.

Do the Moon Drops get very hot?
Surprisingly the Moon Drops do not get as hot as one might think because they are filled with water. However please be careful if you are concerned.

Do I need to take my shoes off?
Yes, everyone must remove their shoes to climb on a Moon Drop

How much does it cost?
General admission to experience the Installation is FREE.

How can I purchase tickets?
There is no need to book. The Moon Drops are open 10am-8pm January 9-28

What ages is Moon Drops appropriate for?
Moon Drops is suitable for all ages – all children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.

How long can I stay?
Visitors are welcome to stay as long as they like but we find that most people spend about 10-30 minutes.

Will there be a long line to get in?
The Moon Drops are open and accessible to everyone, without a queueing system. If the Moon Drops site is very busy we encourage you to come back at another time.

Can I bring my pet?
Animals and pets are not permitted onto the Moon Drops

Can I bring my camera?
Hand held cameras are permitted on the perimeter of the installation, but not while jumping. To ensure all guests have a great experience, we also ask that you leave your large tripod and lights at home.

Is there a hashtag?
Please use #sydfest when posting your shots on social media.

Do the Moon Drops ever get cleaned?
The sun and rain are natural cleansers, however we do have cleaning materials on site if there is an incident.

Can the water be recycled?
Yes! Sydney Festival has arranged for the water in the Moon Drops to be used to water gardens after the festival is over.

Accessibility at Moon Drops
Anyone requiring assistance during their visit are encouraged to one of our friendly Front of House staff when you arrive.

There are accessible toilets nearby in Darling Harbour.

First Aid
If you need First Aid, please notify Moon Drops staff immediately.

Lost and Found
If you lose and item at Moon Drops, please check with event staff to see if the item has been found. If we have not located your item, we suggest you visit our Front of House staff and register your lost item in case it is located at a later date.

Cast and Credits
Images: Zee Shake Lee, Prudence Upton
9–28 January

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