Seidler Salon Series: Mary Lattimore
11–13 January Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre $54–$60 + BF 60 mins
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  • Fri 11 January at 10.30pm
    Sat 12 January at 9.30pm
    Sun 13 January at 9.30pm
  • General Admission $60 / $54
    + booking fee
Seidler Salon Series: Mary Lattimore
Music and architecture come together in a series of concerts hosted in and around, and inspired by, the singular buildings of Australia’s most famous modernist architect, Harry Seidler.

Performing in the unique space of the Seidler-designed Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, Los Angeles harpist Mary Lattimore plucks dreamy, sunlight-filled arpeggios and otherworldly loops, played through speakers submerged in the pool.

In the hands of Lattimore, the ‘heavenly’ harp becomes something else entirely – edgy, elemental, grounded on Earth instead of floating in space. Instead of the familiar shimmering glissandos, Lattimore plays her instrument more like a guitar, pointedly plucking individual strings.

Her new album Hundreds of Days generates ambience with electronica, as Moog synthesisers, theremin and loop pedals create atmospheres to suit track titles like It Feels Like Floating, Hello from the Edge of the Earth and On the Day You Saw the Dead Whale.

Bring your swimwear to the Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre for an underwater music experience unlike anything you’ve heard before!

"It’s not so much music to zone out music to self-actualize by" – The New Yorker


Will I get wet? Yes, if you want to experience the full underwater concert, you will need to bring swimmers and a towel and hop in the pool.

Do I need to bring goggles and/or a snorkel? You don't need to, but if you would like to bring your snorkel to remain underwater for the whole concert, please feel free to.

Can I bring my inflatable pool toys/noodles/etc? No, please don't, as there isn't room in the pool.

Will I be underwater for the duration of the concert? Unless you have super lungs and can hold your breath for 60 minutes, you'll most likely bob up and down, experiencing the sound of Lattimore's harp both above the surface and under the water.

Will I get electrocuted? No. Our sound technicians are experts and the sound system has been designed for underwater use.

What's the water temperature? The pool temperature ranges from 26 to 28 degrees celsius.

Important Info
All Seidler Events advise that no babies and toddlers will be permitted.
Cast and Credits
Mary Lattimore: Jackie Lee Young
Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre: Dirk Meinecke, Harry Seidler & Associates, 2007
11–13 January
$54–$60 + BF
60 mins
"One of the country's most compelling soloists"

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